Otoha Amamiya
Personal Data
Japanese Name: 雨宮乙葉
Romaji: Amamiya Otoha
Date of Birth: March 2nd 1996
Age: 16 (17)
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Ayako Kawasumi
English VA: Amanda Winn Lee

Otoha Amamiya is a classy young woman who Saya is best friends with after she meets Saya at the laboratory. It is later revealed that she is the biological sister of Inukai Hibiki.


Otoha comes from the prestigous Amamiya family however it is later revealed to be the youngest child of the Inukai family. After the death of her mother, Misuzu. Otoha's father Jin then decided to give her away to the Amamiya house who were needed an heir for the house to continue on.


Otoha is a polite, mature and ladylike young woman who is a friend of Saya. Otoha is considered very beautiful and has many admirers, she almost always seen with her two male bodyguards who have always protected her since she was a child and she holds a strong bond with them. It is actually revealed that she is the younger sister of Hibiki and she was initially from the Inukai house however after her mother was killed by an religious organization however Otoha chooses not to believe him however in the end she is saved by Hibiki and starts to refer to him as "onii-sama" and begins to bond with him again. Otoha is very loyal to any cause particularly her friendship with Saya and the two often hang out together after Otoha starts to attend Seinaru Private School she and Saya sometimes have lunch together in the student council office. Otoha's main role in the franchise is being the "sopposed" Tamayori Princess and is merely being used. She plays a signifigant role in Hibiki's route of the game wants to break the seal and open the portal to the "Kami" world to revive her mother's soul however Misuzu possess her and reveals she has always wanted to be the Tamayori Princess and now finally has her chance eventually Otoha is saved and returns to her normal self.


Otoha is a beautiful young woman with medium length purple hair and eyes. She chooses to wear a traditional white and red kimono. However in the sequel Otoha wears a white dress with an olive green necklace and a pale pink cardigan.