Chihiro Atori
Personal Data
Japanese Name:
Romaji: Atori Chihiro
Date of Birth: June 15th 1999
Age: 13 (14)
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Ishida Akira
English VA: Mona Marshall

Chihiro is the sickly younger brother of Atori Shun.


Chihiro is the younger brother of Shun and was on the contrary quite healthy as a child his sickness first inflicted him seven years ago and thats when he began to go to the Hospital daily. Eventually when he was twelve years old he was hospitalised and recieved special treatment and his brother Shun visited him frequently 


Despite being very sick, Chihiro chooses to maintain a postive attitude and is a cheerful young boy. Chihiro and Shun love each other dearly and share a very strong brotherly bond which Saya says she envies, when Saya meets Chihiro for the first time he takes an immediate liking to her and Saya from then on makes frequent visits to Chihiro along with Shun. Afterwards Chihiro is kidnapped and Shun is determined to save him and uses his powers, Chihiro witnesses this and calls his brother a monster leaving Shun shocked and angry eventually the two forgive one another after Shun hugs Chihiro and realises Shun isn't a monster he is still the same brother and cries.


Chihiro is a realativly short young man who greatly resembles his brother he has short blonde hair and grey-green eyes. Chihiro is mainly hospitalised and only wears a pair of blue pyjamas and a cream blanket on his shoulders.