Shirou Kutani
Personal Data
Japanese Name: 九谷焼史朗
Romaji: Kutani Shiro
Date of Birth: June 8th 1995
Age: 17 (18)
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Nomiya Kazunori
English VA: Greg Ayres

Shirou Kutani is a class clown and lone wolf of the Guardians he is a member he lives with his fraternal twin sister Rikako.


Shirou is the nephew of Ryou Kutani and is a third year student at Seinaru Private School. He also lives with his twin sister Rikako Kutani who works with Saya's guardian Honami. Shirou's parents worked at the JSEI, Shirou's parents were loving and spoilt him until Shirou hit Middle School when Shirou was willingly handed over to JSEI for experimenting however his parents were unaware once they discovered what was happening to Shirou they tried to take him back however they went missing or were killed to this day Shirou is still unaware of what happened to them. Shirou's parents were in the JSEI database revealing their names to be Tomoe & Ryunosuke Kutani.


Shirou is one of the most cheerful of the Guardians, and can usually be found making jokes with Rei and making people smile. He can be quick to anger but despite his temper and his tendency to be laid back when he isn't concerned, he is also very friendly and loyal. Shirou despretley wants to be accepted as a Guardian for the Tamayori Princess however the Guardians make a deal with him that if he can prove his worth as a Guardian then he can officially join them. In Shirou's route in the game the protagonist learns that Shirou truely yearns to be accepted by others and wants to find somebody precious to protect.

Shirou is very hyperactive and acts very childish despite his age he tends to astound Hibiki making him question how Shirou got so far into his education yet be so dumb.


Shirou is a tall young man (6'0") with long green and red hair which he keeps in dreadlocks and he has blue eyes, Shirou wears the Seinaru Private School uniform with a twist he wears a yellow t-shirt underneath his blazer. Shirou's casual clothes consist of a turqoise and yellow jacket with a pair of khaki pants and a pair of turqoise and green sneakers.


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