Kyousuke Suwa
Personal Data
Japanese Name: 諏訪恭介
Romaji: Suwa Kyosuke
Date of Birth: October 10th 1996
Age: 16 (17)
Status: Alive
Japanese VA: Ueda Yuuji
English VA: Todd Hakerborn

Kyousuke Suwa is the twin brother of Teppei and one of the Guardians of Kage City.


Kyousuke is the older twin brother of Teppei. Not much is known about Kyousuke except that he isn't human and guards the barrier protecting Kage City with Teppei.


Kyousuke pretty much chooses to show no emotion at all and is somewhat antisocial. He has a tendancy to fight a lot with his brother who is the complete opposite of him, Kyousuke can stay calm in almost any sitiuation. Kyousuke gets tutored by Saya eventually whom he develops a small crush on but does very well to hide his feelings towards her.


Kyousuke has purple spiky hair and a parting on his right side like his twin brother Teppei he has gold eyes. He wears the Seinaru Private School uniform however with his own twist. On the weekend Kyousuke chooses to wear casual clothes which consist of brown shirt undernath a long black one he then wears a grey cardigan above it he wears a pair of mud brown pants with black boots. To complete it he wears a cross pendant.